Inspiration For International Women's Day 2020

04 Mar 2020

Inspiration For International Women's Day 2020

CEO of the National Dairy Council, Zoe Kavanagh,

shares some inspiration to mark International Womens Week 2020!

1. In all the world which woman are you most inspired by and why? 

Orla Tinsley is one of Ireland’s inspirational women who constantly shows such strength in character. I admire how she lives her life & delivers for others in so many ways. Her passion & drive are remarkable.

We’re blessed with strong women in Ireland most of whom are the backbone of communities. My father describes my mother as 10 people in 1; wife, mother, granny, doctor, gardener, home-maker, business advisor, cook, carer & councillor!


2. What was your biggest challenge and how would you say you met it head on?

There’s no particular issue or moment but rather a constant desire to set a good example in work & hobbies, at home & among my friends. I tend to hold myself to account every day & want to feel I give life its best shot as its not a dress rehearsal.


3.What has been your most memorable or proudest moment in your career to date?

Over my 8 years of leading a fantastic team at the National Dairy Council I’m proud of our cumulative achievements; World Dairy Summit winners of best marketing in 2016, Chairing the International Milk Promotions group, developing the European Milk Forum. Most importantly I’m Ireland’s proudest Dairy Ambassador at home & abroad. My husband & daughter regard me as a dairy-evangelist!


4. Do you have any advice to Mums juggling a career and a family?

Keep the faith! It’s not easy but well worthwhile if its right for you. Whatever choice is taken by Irish women the likelihood is you’re busy either in or out of the home. Your girlfriends are golden & time for them in the midst of it will be your salvation.


5. Do you have any advice for young women on the agricultural career route or starting a business?

Back yourself. Its something women typically lack; that self-belief, that voice in your head saying you can do it. Attitude is everything & should guide you towards fulfilling your ambition. Stay strong & celebrate all the little wins along the way.

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