Farm Wardrobe embroidery logos


Speckle Park Bull

Limousin Bull Head

Aubrac Bull

Holstein Head

Holstein Side

Simmental Heifer

Simmental Bull

Shorthorn Cow

Shorthorn Bull

Saler Bull

Red Holstein Side

Red Holstein Heifer Head

Red Holstein Cow Head

Montbelliard Cow

Longhorn Cow

Limousin Cow & Calf

Limousin Bull Side

LImousin Head

Jersey Cow Side

Jersey Cow Angle

Irish Moiled Heifer

Irish Moiled Cow

Irish Moiled Bull

Holstein Grazing

Hereford Bull

Dexter Cow

Commercial Dunn Calf

Commercial Black Calf

Charolais Heifer Logo

Charolais Bull

British Friesian Head

Blonde Bull

Black Limousin Bull

Belted Galloway Cow

Belted Galloway Bull

Belgian Blue Bull

Ayrshire Side

Ayrshire Cow Grazing

Angus Head

Angus Cow & Calf

Angus Bull


Moo Moo Cow

Hiss Hiss snake

Daisy Pig On Swing

Cute Cow With Flower

Cute Cow With Butterfly

Cute Cow With Bow

Cow Jumped Over The Moon

Wow Wow Fox


Squeak Squeak Mouse

Spin Spin Spider

Snort Snort Bull

Sheep With Daisy 1

Quack Quack Duck

Pretty Pony

Old McDonald

Oink Oink Pig

Neigh Neigh Horse

Mrs McDonald

Moo Moo Cow Stack

Meow Meow Cats

Hum Hum Llama

Honk Honk Geese

Hey Diddle Diddle

Hee Haw Donkey

Gobble Gobble Turkey

Farm Stick Sheep

Farm Stick Pig

Farm Stick Horse

Farm Stick Hen

Farm Stick Duck

Farm Stick Cow

Farm Stick Chick

Cute Sheep

Cute Cow With Gate

Cute Cow With Bell

Crunch Crunch Rabbit

Cow in PJs

Cow Racer

Coo Coo Pigeon

Cluck Cluck Chickens

Clarice Loves To Read

Cassidy Under Umbrella

Buzz Buzz Bees

Bow Wow Dog

Bathing Cow

Baah Baah Goat

Baa Baa Sheep

Country Sports


Lab & Pheasant


Quarter Horse

Horse Head

Quarter Horse II

Jumper and Horse

Horse Shoe Pair

Horse Shoe

Galloping Horse

Connemara Pair

Clydesdale Horse

Clydesdale Black

Bucking Bronco Horse

Arabian Horse Brown

Abstract Horse Outline

In The Kitchen

Art Nouv Hen

Country Hen With Star

Colourful Cluck Rooster

Colourful Cluck Hen

Chubby Rooster Circle

Chubby Hen Circle

Chef Rooster

Chef Pig

Chef Hen

Chef Dog

Chef Cow

Chef Cat

Art Nouv Rooster


Saddleback Sow

Oxford Sandy & Black Sow

Landrace Sow


Laying Hen

Country Rooster

New Hampshire Rooster

Leghorn Hen

Baby Chick

Sheep & Goats

Zwartble Head

Valais Blacknose Sheep

Valais Blacknose Head

Suffolk Ram Logo

Suffolk Head

Scottish Blackface Head

Llelyn Head Logo


Kerry Hill Head Logo

Dutch Spotted Ewe

Charollais Head

Blue Texel Head

Belclare Ewe

Badger Face Ewe

Border Leicester

Blue De Maine

Zwartble Ewe

Texel Ram

Texel Ewe Side

Texel Ewe Front

Suffolk Ram

Stalking Collie

Scottish Blackface Ram

Jacob Ram

Easy care ewe

Dorset Ram

Charollais Ram

Blue Texel

Blue Faced Leicester Ram

Blue Faced Leicester Head

Beltex Ram

Beltex Ewe Lamb

Tractors & Machinery

Merlo Telehandler

Ford TW25

Ford 4000

Farm Tractor

Case Tractor

Nuffield Tractor 1060

John Deere Combine

Massey 35

JCB Handler

Renault 106-54

Nothing Runs Likes A Deere

Zetor Tractor

Volvo Digger

Valtra Tractor

Tractor & Plough Silhoutte

Same Silver Tractor

Renault Pro 610


Pink Tractor

New Holland Tractor

New Holland Forage Harvester

New Holland Combine

New Holland 7840

New Holland & Hedge Cutter

NH & McHale Baler

McCormick Tractor

Massey MF7600

Massey Ferguson Tractor

Massey Ferguson Combine

Massey 135

Massey & McHale Baler

Leyland Tractor

Landini Tractor

Lamborghini & McHale Baler

Kubota Digger

Krone Self Propelled

Krone Big M

Komatsu Digger

Kobelco Digger

JCB Loading Shovel

JCB Fastrack

JCB 3CX Digger

Hitachi Digger

Fendt With Plough

Fendt Tractor


Davy Brown

Claas Tractor

Claas Self Propelled

Claas Combine 1

Cat Challenger

Claas Combine