Abbeytec Malin Overtrousers

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The Abbeytecâ„¢ Malin Overtrousers have been carefully designed to provide a loose fit over outerwear, allowing for layering in cold weather and providing a barrier to mud and slurry.

Key features:

Machine washable
Elastic waist and draw cord
Open pocket gaps, providing access to inner trouser pockets
Shower-proof construction
Leg Design

We designed the Malin overtrousers to be loose fitting, allowing you to put them on without having to remove footwear and to be worn over the top of wellies. Our loose fit prevents any restrictions when crouching or kneeling.

Draw Cord

To prevent our overtrousers being loose around the waist or from falling down, we have used an elastic waistband and integrated a tough elastic draw cord.

Long Length

We wanted our Malin parlour wear to provide a good fit for a wide range of body types. We were disappointed with how short many overalls can be and so we deliberately designed our trousers with extra length in the larger sizes.

Shower-proof Design

We manufactured the Abbeytecâ„¢ Malin from a coated, waterproof and breathable fabric. The un-lined and un-insulated design helps keep things simple and allows the Malin to be more versatile in both warm and cold weather. The perfect construction for washing down.

Size Guide

Size Waist (inches)
Small 26-28″
Medium 29-32″
Large 33-35″
XL 36-38″
XXL 39-42″

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